Digital marketing, or social media marketing, has quickly emerged as one of the top marketing strategies for businesses. But why is it so effective? And how can it benefit your business?

1. It delivers conversion. 

Online marketing measures analytics and a rate of traffic that gets converted into leads, subscribers, and sales. It delivers results and shows you how many “views” turn into potential customers. 

2. Companies using a digital marketing strategy have 2.8x better revenue growth expectancy. 

Digital marketing works, and businesses know that. Industries realize the importance of utilizing all the benefits of marketing digitally, which is changing growth perspectives.  

3. You can measure ROI (return of investment) much more effectively than any other traditional marketing strategy 

Using data gathered, you can better determine how your capital and efforts are leading to tangible results. Digital marketing is measurable, which helps with strategy and improving your marketing strategy.  

4. It increases website traffic 

This is the main reason why digital marketing is so beneficial. Social media ads and posts are typically much more cost effective than other methods and typically designed to lead viewers to your website, increasing potential clients. 

5. Marketing analytics help improve business models 

You can see what customers are responding/not responding to and evaluate if you want to change your strategy. Social media is constantly changing, and new trends are always emerging. This can work in your business’s favor. 

6. It allows you to target your ideal market 

Pick and choose who, what, and where you want to advertise with much more freedom than traditional advertising.  

7. Helps you establish your brand and improves your brand loyalty  

Social media gives a face to the name of businesses, allowing you to connect to clients while choosing what content to share. It allows you to showcase the personality of your brand and establish a relationship with current and prospective clients. 

8. You can partner with influencers 

Word of mouth drives 20-50% of purchasing decisions, so utilizing influencer marketing can significantly boost traffic.

Digital marketing is proven effective, with 90% of all marketers saying that social media has increased their business exposure. Since social media involves so many users who use various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram multiple times a day, it is essential that businesses tap into that market now.