Data Driven Solutions

Data Driven Decisions

At Red Dog we believe that information is the lifeblood of any organization. Business is evaluated by the numbers and we believe in providing our clients with the most complete analysis using the best empirical data available.

We will endeavor to learn the behavior of your company’s customers and by prepared to share information based on data correlations you probably have never seen. By collecting, statistically analyzing, modeling and presenting the data about your customers we can reach and grab unique populations to determine the propensity of these new groups to become your customers. We can predict many behaviors, including:

  • Response/Yield
  • Loyalty/Retention
  • Propensity to Pay
  • Up-sell Potential
  • Loan Loss Forecasts
  • Bad Debt/Write-offs

Marketing Data Strategy

Our process, although unique in each client situation, has a 25 year history to ensure nothing is missed. At the kernel of what we do is data, either derived from the historical performance of your customer, appended from other sources and/or forecast from our statistical models.

Data Collection

Red Dog professionals are expert in obtaining the data needed to create meaningful information. Whether that data is inherent in your current systems, available on the web or through social media, we will extract it and format it for proper use. Identifying meaningful data to create actionable strategies is what separates us from our peers. The techniques and tools used to collect the data can range from manual processes to very technical solutions. We are comfortable with data sourcing in various forms needing scrubbing and alignment for further review. With Red Dog Data Collection Services, you can connect with your customers and gather information using the technologies and methods that make the most sense for your business and your customers. This includes any combination of telephone call center, online, email, traditional mail, kiosk and mobile device surveys.

Cloud Database Technology

Companies are no longer just using on-site databases to house important information and applications. Cloud computing is becoming a “go to” solution and Red Dog uses the tool to both analyze data and embed solutions on customer websites and portals. We have tested several cloud based solutions and are currently using Caspio with several of our client sites. This does not mean that Red Dog only uses one product. We are always testing and evaluating state-of-the-art industry solutions.

Predictive Analytics

Social media is providing unprecedented opportunities to reach the right customer with the right product at the right time with the right offer. Red Dog helps our clients navigate this ever-changing digital media environment with expert models and data-driven insights to manage their marketing media spend.

Real-time Social Media Intelligence

We can gather, evaluate and summarize social media conversations and capture relevant data. Using machine-learning algorithms to analyze huge volumes of data from conversations, we can answer questions about our clients, products, services, relationships and brands.

Marketing & Payment Propensity

Our models and social media data analysis methodology identify people who are likely to purchase and pay for a product or service of interest. This allows our clients to target those that have a propensity to take these actions in a very dedicated approach

Marketing/Collection Campaign Analytics

Red Dog’s analytics platform helps identify those characteristics that influence user engagement and use it to guide targeting. We provide our customers with the KPIs (key performance indicators) along with the meaningful management information to run their business and build strategies for the future.

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