Here at RedDog, our passion is production. We strive to help small businesses and brands deliver their messages to consumers through the use of video, podcasting, and/or live streaming. Video is the perfect way to communicate to customers who you are, what you do, and showcase your services. In a world where we live off our devices, video production is just getting started.  


Our video production team helps bring brands to life. Through the process of story boards, filming, editing, and distributing, we create impactful videos that help small businesses reach their target audiences.

Live Broadcast

If you have an event that needs to be broadcasted live, we are the people for the job. Covering everything from sports, to graduations, and even masses, our live streaming capabilities are endless.


Podcasting should be fun and easy! We bring the experience of producing, mixing, editing, and distributing to the table. We distribute to platforms such as YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and GooglePlay.

Production Gallery

Battle Plans

The Beauty Solopreneur

The Front Office

Owning a small business has incredible benefits… but it isn’t easy. You are mentally drained always. There is no break. You always have to be ‘on’. You’re constantly trying to think about every little piece to make sure you don’t miss anything. Having someone in your court that truly cares about your business being successful means having a confidant you can trust to pick up the parts that your brain doesn’t have to worry about. Hiring Red Dog Agency was one of the best business decisions I have made. 

- Krystle Eder,
Mission Pet Supplies

Shout out to Red Dog Marketing! We have been working with them for 6 months now and our business is growing rapidly along with our social media followers.  Jenack has received many compliments on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We have been awarded 5 projects that if not for their relentless work we would not have received. 
Red Dogs posts are catchy and always changing and all at a reasonable price.
Give Red Dog a call! 

- Jenack Construction

As an online publisher my website is my business. It isn’t just a marketing tool so it has to be right. It has to be perfect and when it’s not I can get undone. And that’s where Red Dog saves the day and quiets my bark. Red Dog’s customer service is unparalleled and their attention to detail even surpasses my own. They offer digital solutions in the modern world that make my job easier – whether it be web design, social media optimization or programmatic enhancements to our audio or video content. Red Dog isn’t just a service provider for me. They are a partner that I can’t do without.

- Tony Lombardi,
Russell Street Report


Red Dog Agency does an amazing job helping to market your business in the community. They allowed us to be a part of the featured Fridays and we liked it so much we decided to do another video about our 25th anniversary. Morgan is so calm and makes you feel so comfortable when recording and does a great job at editing the right pieces for the part. If you need someone for your marketing needs, I highly recommend them.

- Nicole Sanza,
Lifetime Dental Care

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We are a marketing communication agency that offers video/podcast production and social media marketing, as well as traditional marketing, live broadcasting, data services, and web design.

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