3 Reasons Website Content is Critical for Your SEO

With a website re-design completed, you may think you have done all you can to boost your company’s image. You’re well on your way but you should ignore search engine rankings and your customers could certainly use and excuse to keep visiting. But when was the last time your website’s content was updated? Whether your services or products have changed or not, fresh content on your website could help boost your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) and get you more traffic. There are several different reasons you should be updating your website’s content regularly.

Frequent Indexing

Frequent indexing is an important part of keeping your website fresh. While frequent indexing is not to be confused with higher indexing, frequent indexing is just as important. The fresh content you have on your website, the more frequently search engines will stop by to visit your website. This content could be articles, downloads, or new website pages. The more your website is updated, the more likely your website will be re-scanned by website crawlers. A website crawler is a program used by search engines to scan the internet for websites. These crawlers index a site based on a few algorithmic factors that are determined by the search engines. Every time you make an update to your website, the search engine takes notice and re-arranges your website’s search rankings.

Keywords are Key

Every piece of content that is published on your website gives it the opportunity for your site to rank for different keywords. Having a broad range of keywords for your website can help you target and optimize your site for the ones that are the most relevant to your business. But instead of cramming keywords into every paragraph, make sure you are publishing useful content that uses keywords organically. Google and other search engines reward sites that are subject matter experts but they won’t hesitate to penalize your site if the keywords are not relevant.

Fresh Content Keeps Your Audience Engaged

While it is important to keep your content fresh for the sake of keywords and frequent indexing, it is also important to keep your content engaging. Writing engaging content will not only be valuable for your brand, it will also help engage your audience. High-quality articles and pages on your website can help build your business an audience and keep that audience interested. This content can be new events, promotions, products, or industry news.

There are many different reasons why you should update your website’s content. Whether you upload articles or events, fresh content can help your website be seen by more people. If you find yourself short on time and in need of new content, contact Red Dog for more information on our website marketing services.

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