With 2023 right around the corner, social media trends are on the forefront of social marketing discussions. We’ve seen a lot of changes over the past year and it’s important to start strategizing for the upcoming year. Social media is always changing and as a brand it’s imperative to stay up to date on how users are engaging on the platforms. Here are five social media trends we expect to see in 2023.

1. Specialized Content Catered to Each Platform:
With the changes in how users are viewing and interacting content, it’s important for brands to create channel-specific content.
Now more than ever brands must strategically create content that fits each platform.
The one-size fits all method is no longer relevant or effective.
Depending on the message you’re trying to convey and the audience you want to reach, your content must align with the corresponding social media platform.

2. Social Media as a Shopping Platform:
With Instagram’s shop-able feature, it’s becoming easier for users to purchase products through social media.
It’s as simple as seeing an ad and scrolling up to purchase.
Gen-Z and millennials are using this function now more than ever
As mentioned earlier, TikTok’s content creators are working with brands to promote products.
The path to purchase is becoming more streamlined through social media due to these factors.

3. Continued Rise of Video Content:
With the rise of TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, video content has become increasingly popular and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.
2023 expects to see a continued rise of video content.

4. Increased Brand Community Engagement:
As we’ve seen in 2022, users are setting high expectations for brands to interact with the community on social media platforms.
Brands are being held more accountable to interact, respond to complaint,s or join in on popular discussion topics.
This means brands need to stay up to date and interact with users and followers to in order to keep up with competitors and maintain a strong presence on social media.
In doing so, brands are often encouraged to speak out on issues, while simultaneously maintaining their brand identity.

These projections are based predominately on shifts we’ve seen in 2022. The bottom line is consumer purchasing behaviors are changing along with how people consume content. With all the shifts, it can be hard to stay on top of it, but Red Dog is here to help. Our team can help you build social media strategy that aligns with today’s trends. Reach out and learn more about our services today!