With over two billion monthly logged-in users and a rising amount of usage on home TV sets, YouTube is a significant platform with an enormous amount of reach. According to Hutchinson of SocialMediaToday, “That presents significant opportunity for big-screen, impactful outreach, with Google’s advanced audience targeting options. It has the reach, the ad options, and now the potential to connect with viewers on the key focus for home entertainment.” YouTube can help brands build awareness and influence the purchasing decision as consumers are more likely to buy after watching a product video.  

YouTube also presents a unique opportunity for small businesses to build and expand. Only 9% of all small businesses use YouTube. This allows small businesses to dominate their market and compete with the “big guys” by implementing a more personalized business approach.  

What kind of videos should you create? Below are 10 different types of videos your brand can make to increase your business provided by SocialMediaToday. We’ve taken these recommendations and added our own perspective.  

  • Product Spotlight: These videos are a great way to inform and educate your audience about the product. This is your brand’s opportunity to tell your story. Why do I need this product? Why can’t I live without it? How will it make my life better or easier? These are a few questions you may want to consider answering in a product spotlight video. In addition, your brand can build connections with its target audience, make a good first impression, and bring your brand’s story to life. Be creative and use visuals to help your brand stand out and be remembered. It’s important to include a call to action that is straightforward and to the point.  


  • How-To’s: Don’t be afraid to create these videos to educate your consumers on how to use your product. This can help you advertise your key product features and the benefits of using them. It can also build your brand’s customer service perception for the better. Consumers like to feel supported and cared for, so by creating these videos it shows that your brand made an effort to make the process that much easier. 


  • Product-in-Action: With product-in-action videos, you can showcase real customers using your product. This can help potential customers visualize themselves using the product, which leads them towards buying your product.  


  • FAQ’s: Frequently asked questions are a strong communication tool to connect with customers, allow them to engage with your brand, and provide insights on where your brand can be more clear and effective. Figure out the most common questions and answer them in a clear and direct manner. FAQ’s can also be used to showcase your products capabilities, which some customers may not be aware of.  


  • Testimonials: Testimonials let your happy customers do the talking. A feeling of reassurance and satisfaction from current customers can influence the conversion of your potential customers or those actively considering your brand. Your brand can capture why your customers love the product, how it makes them feel, and the ways it improves their lives. Testimonials can highlight what the problem is and how your product can solve it.  


  • Reviews: Similar to testimonials, product review videos are a great way to put your product on a spotlight from a customer perspective. The entire focus should be on the product and their overall experience.  


  • Shopping Hauls: For retail businesses, shopping haul videos with influencers are a great way to increase your brand awareness. Social media influencers can be very effective in persuading their followers. Finding an influencer that can talk about your brand’s qualities and why they love your products can make a huge difference for your business. Most influencers have a strong audience of people who trust them and are more likely to buy if it comes recommended. Incorporating influencers into your brand can build credibility and brand recognition, which ultimately can make a significant difference in your brand’s success.  


  • Unboxing Videos: Similar to shopping hauls, unboxing videos with influencers are another effective way to reach your target audience. Your influencer will open the box with lots of excitement, which will make you stand out and be remembered. Also, unboxing videos give your brand the opportunity to be remembered with unique and creative packaging.  


  • Behind the Scenes: The perfect opportunity to show your customers how your business works and operates. This can help build trust and engagement with your consumers. By highlighting your dedication to quality, your brand will be portrayed as authentic. Behind the scenes videos will also help you tell your brand story, take your customers through a day in the life of your business, and bring out your brand’s personality.  


  • Meet the Teams: There’s no better insight into the personality of your brand than meeting the team behind it. This approach creates a personal touch and lets your team connect with your customers. It’s important to remember your team should be themselves and act natural. Let the brand come to life through the people that make it happen.