Which Live Streaming Service is the Best for Your Event?

Whether you want to show your followers a job well-done, a new product you just got in, or an event you are hosting, live streaming services are the Vines of the future. These live videos allow people to see what is going on right now, allowing them to be a part of the action from their couch or bedroom. But when choosing your live streaming service, there are some options for you to choose from. So which live streaming service should you choose?

YouTube Live

YouTube Live is best for people or companies who are aiming at Internet stardom and want the reach a broad audience of strangers. Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube does not ask users to make an account to view the content, which is a plus for viewers. Since YouTube Live just rolled out its mobile streaming option, it is only available for people with more than 10,000 followers. But this service should be open to the general public later this year.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is best for people or companies who have a strong Facebook following. Facebook Live broadcasts allow you to reach people on and off the network. This platform gives you the biggest potential audience of any live streaming service available. You’ll have the best chance of reaching people who are set up to get notifications for when people are live. Facebook Live also allows you to stream for up to four hours at a time and respond to comments from the live stream video rather than typing out responses.


Instagram is the best way to show your friends and followers something cool right as it is taking place. This platform allows users to show videos that are up to an hour long. But once the video is broadcast, your videos are not saved. If you’ll want to save a video for later, this platform is not for you.


On March 26, 2015, Periscope launched for the first time. Twitter’s launch into the mobile streaming world was the first time a main social media network began live streaming. This social media network allows followers to share an experience with you. But the lines between Twitter and Periscopes have blurred. Twitter mobile users now have the option of live streaming the events going on around them.


Snapchat is a good platform for users who want to share one-on-one conversations with their friends, family, and followers. Your friends have the option to either “watch” your live stream or to “join” you, which functions like an ongoing video chat. If you want to simulate a true live stream experience, you can upload several clips of the stream to your account’s “story,” which allows it to be seen by followers later.

These live streaming services allow you to share what is happening around you and to connect with your audience like never before. Don’t let others miss a moment of your live events; stream it!

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