How to Market Your Business on Snapchat

With more than 158 million daily users, Snapchat is one of the most popular social media networks when it comes to millennials. Snapchat offers brand marketers a unique opportunity to reach the millennial market and to have your brand shared with others. Even if this audience isn’t your target, Snapchat is still a vital part of your business’s global marketing strategies. From brands to content creators, Snapchat can be used to spread the word of your business. So, how can your business use this social media platform to reach this unique audience?

Teasing New Products or Services

Teasers are always a way for you to build buzz around your business. From quick teasers of your products or services to showing demonstrations, Snapchat is a great way to sell your products to millennials. When used cleverly, these 10-second videos can allow you to get the next generation of consumers interested in your business.

Introduce Promotions, Contests, and Giveaways

Who doesn’t love free things? Everyone loves the chance to win things from businesses. Try using Snapchat to give away promotions, giveaways, and to run contests. This will allow you to build hype and to promote your business. To help build some hype to these giveaways and contests, snap a different portion or a teaser every day.

Tell a Story

One of the reasons millennials love Snapchat is its ability to build stories. Snapchat allows you to tell a story about your business in 10-second videos or images. These stories are then added under the “My Story” tab on your profile. These videos can tell your audience about your business in a unique way. Show people exactly what they want to see about your business like your facility or how your products are made. You can also capture company outings, fun events around your offices, or even the beautiful sights outside your window.

With a “24-hour rule,” Snapchat encourages your audience to keep track of your business every day. Let Snapchat help you connect with a whole new generation of clients and customers. For more information on marketing your business, call Red Dog today!

Reaching Millennials with Snapchat and Red Dog

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