Why Generation Z is Important for Your Content Marketing Strategy

When doing your content marketing plan, it can be easy to ignore the younger generation, or “Generation Z”. Even though this generation is thought of as young and immature, they are an important part of your marketing plan. Generation Z is steadily gaining some degree of purchasing power and should not be underestimated. Many of the people in this generation are about to start or even graduate from college and to start making their own decisions with their money. So, who exactly is Generation Z and how can you incorporate them into your marketing strategy?

Who is Generation Z?

Generation Z is comprised of those born between 1996 and 2010. Unlike prior generations who were there to witness the rise of technology, Generation Z has grown up in a digital world with technology influencing every part of their lives. Half of all “Gen Z-ers” say they cannot live without social media, especially YouTube. By 2020, Generation Z will account for about 40 percent of all consumers. It is important for your brand to build trust and with them while you can. So, how can you build a conversation with this generation and include them in your content marketing strategy?

Don’t Think Ads, Think Value

While ads may have worked on previous generations, Generations Z has learned to effectively filter out ads and promotional content. As a result, they are the most fluent generation this far and they also recognize the value of their attention. This generation does not sit through ads or click on sponsored content. So, what is this generation looking for? Valuable content. Adding valuable content is important to this generation. Whether it is for entertainment, knowledge, or tutorials, adding content is important for your marketing strategy.

You Can’t Just Talk About Being an Industry Leader

It isn’t enough to just state that you are the industry leader, you will have to prove it. What terrifies so many businesses about the younger generation is their inherent knowledge of the Internet’s nonverbal language. If your website or mobile site looks dated, it sends the message that your company is outdated. Gen Z-ers do not want to hear about how much of an “industry leader” you are, they want to see it in your website and content. Engage this generation with your content and keep your website up to date.

When talking to the newest generation, it is important to speak openly and honestly to them with your content. Give them a brand they can trust with your valuable content marketing strategy. For more information on incorporating your content marketing strategy, call Red Dog today!

Building a Content Marketing Strategy with socialRedDog

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