Cleaning Up Your Profiles for a Professional Image

Social media is a useful tool for both established and new businesses. But when using your private social media accounts to establish an online presence for your business, it can make it hard to differentiate your personal information from your business’s brand. So how do you clean up your social media profiles to successfully represent your business?

Perform an Audit

Have you ever Googled your name just to see how visible your information was? Doing a virtual audit will allow you to see who is mentioning your name online and if these mentions can negatively impact how you or your business is seen. Remember what you or your friends say online can reflect on your business so keep stock of who is saying what online and proceed to the next step.

Delete and Keep Your Image Clean

Review your account’s history. Things you may have shared in college or in high school could come back to bite you in the end. Go through and delete old posts that may not look favorable to clients. These could be posts that have drug references, photos from that party in college, or anything with profanity, event political posts should be censored if they are derogatory in nature.

Using an Up-to-Date Profile

Using up-to-date profiles is one of the most important tools for business owners. Whether you are changing locations, jobs, or phone numbers, it is important to change the information on your social media profiles. LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools for young professionals and business owners, as it allows you to not only connect with your clients but also your colleagues in the field.

Making the Right Connections

Social media is all about making connections, but it is important to make connections with the right people. By making connections, you can see what other professionals in your field are doing on their pages and how they are connecting to others in the industry. Sharing industry news and relevant content on your social profiles may help you find new clients and make new connections. Use social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to cultivate a good audience and a good client base.

Use Privacy Settings

For those who want to keep their business lives separate from their personal lives, consider changing your privacy settings. Changing your privacy settings can limit who sees the information on your profile so only a select group can see your past and future updates and posts. Social media shares are often spontaneous and uncensored. But changing your settings can keep these spontaneous posts private and for their intended audiences instead of your clients.

Social media is an important tool for every young professional and business owner. But before listing your newest endeavor on your social media profiles, make sure to clean up your profiles and get them ready for business. For more information on managing your business’s social media accounts, contact Red Dog today!

Cleaning Up Your Social Media Profiles with Red Dog

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