Ways to Engage with Your Followers on Social Media

One of the most frustrating parts of managing a business’s social media page is the lack of engagement. You may have noticed your social media page looking stagnant with a lack of engagement from your followers. Even if you are posting every day, social engagement may still allude you. So how do you engage your social media audience without boosting every post?

Get Your Audience to Stop Scrolling

One step to engaging your audience to find a way to get people to stop scrolling. If you can stop your audience from scrolling past your updates, you will have their attention. But to capture their attention, you will need to post something they wish to see. Think about why your audience is on a specific social media platform. If they are on Facebook, you should be posting newsworthy content. If this audience is on Instagram, behind-the-scene photos are something your audience would enjoy seeing. When consumers show up on social media, they want to be entertained, not for someone to sell them things. Although most businesses forget this part of the engagement, constantly selling your products or services mean that your business will lose the attention of your audience. Instead of selling items or services, use humor to find a way to promote it on social media.

Inspire a Reaction

With the introduction of the Facebook reactions feature, businesses can engage with their audience in a new way. As a business owner, you have the opportunity to engage your audience like never before. Using these reaction emoji’s, you can prompt your audience to vote for something using an emoji. You can also share something humorous and use an emoji to show your audience that they are in for a good laugh.

Spark Intrigue

But social media engagement isn’t only about likes, comments, and shares. Clicks are another form of engagement. Clicks allow your audience to funnel back to your website. Sparking intrigue can help grow your business through social media. If you want to spark intrigue on your pages, you can try by sharing compelling industry data. People love knowing facts so by offering survey results or compelling data about your industry can get people’s attention as they scroll through they newsfeed. But don’t give everything away on social media, lead your audience back to your website so they can learn more. You can also spark intrigue by unveiling new products, giving company updates, or giving things away.

Getting their attention, inspiring a reaction, and sparking intrigue can help get your social media engagement up. Why not leave your social media engagement up to the experts at Red Dog?

Engaging Your Social Media Audience With Red Dog

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