What Dog-tastic Social Media Should You Choose for Your Business?

In the spirit of celebrating the 2017 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the Red Dog team has decided to discuss how you should choose the top dog of social media platforms to promote your business. Whether you are looking to herd clients toward your business or looking to hunt down those connections, there are many different social platforms you could be using. Let’s look at what makes these social media platforms best in show.

Herding The Group: Facebook

Facebook is like Old Faithful of the social media world. This top dog platform allows people to like your page and to follow your updates. Unlike other platforms, Facebook is popular with users of all ages and currently has nearly 1.8 billion active users. With users from all generations and places, it is easily used for marketing purposes. Simply sponsoring an ad can help increase your page’s “Likes” and “Followers”. Facebook is also versatile. This platform allows your business to share photos, videos, and important company updates. Like a well-trained champion, this platform makes it easy for your company to keep your flock herded into one area. So, whether you post once a day or once a week, your followers won’t miss a thing.

The Terrier Group: Twitter

The terrier group is most like the social media platform Twitter. This mighty platform limits users to 140 characters or fewer, but also allows your company to post videos, images, polls, and links to update your customers. With short and sporadic posts, this platform can be challenging to get your message across clearly but it will allow you to connect with 320 million active users worldwide. Like terrier dogs, this platform allows users to speak their mind and is a great network to use when dealing with customer service. Being a short and mighty terrier with Twitter can help boost your company’s image and spread your company news faster than ever.

The Non-Sporting Group: Pinterest

Pinterest is much like the non-sporting group of dogs. Small and often full of great hair ideas, Pinterest is perfect for DIYs and recipes, but not so much for company branding. Pinterest allows users to save and display their favorite things from around the web in a digital bulletin board and allows them to categorize them for easy use. Pinterest is very visually oriented and allows users to post images or videos. But unlike other social platforms, this platform is very low maintenance with frequency posting. It is a very niche network and may not work with every kind of business or industry. Most Pinterest users are women and some popular categories are DIY projects, fashion, hairstyles, beauty, and food.

The Working Group: LinkedIn

In comparison to the world of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, LinkedIn would be most like the working group. Built for members of the community looking to network and make meaningful connections, LinkedIn is the perfect place for your business to grow industry contacts. With 467 million members in the third quarter of 2016, this social platform is less about social and more about business. LinkedIn allows you to take ownership of your company and allows your employees to spread the word about what they do there. This platform also allows you to share articles, congratulate people on new skills, and to grow your business connections through networking with like-minded individuals. Like most working dogs, LinkedIn never stops trying to grow your network, giving you plenty of connection recommendations and the ability to invite people from your email contacts to connect with you.

The Hound Group: Google+

Google+ is the hound group of the show dog world. The search engine giant masterminded this social media platform and it is now used to connect your business with members of the Google community. The information on your Google+ page is often used for people to “hunt” your business down and for them to keep track of your business’s information. This platform also allows you to claim your business in a pre-made page so it is easily started and shared with the community.

Like all dogs, these social platforms are diverse and ready for you and your customers to enjoy. But if you are too busy to enjoy them to the fullest, don’t settle for a cat; just call Red Dog!

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