New Trends To Look For In 2017

A new year often means new trends to follow. From changing up your clothing style or a new haircut, there are always new trends for the New Year. But just like these other trends, there are also marketing trends that could make a difference for your business. And unlike some of the fashion trends, you won’t regret following these. So what are some marketing trends of 2017 you should be following? Let’s take a look!

Content Marketing

Over the past several years, content marketing has become an essential tool for large and small businesses alike. According to HubSpot, past content marketing trends are expected to continue into the New Year. In 2016, more businesses were using a strategic approach than ever before for their website content and in 2017, these businesses will begin to focus more on measuring content marketing for their return on investment (ROI) as the competition for content increases.

Marketing Automation

Just as we have seen a rise in content marketing over the past several years, we have also seen a rise in marketing automation. Marketing automation enabled your business to automate tasks and workflow processes for the marketing and sale process. These systems include prospect and customer profiling on landing pages, lead scoring, customer relationship management (CRM), automated personalized emails, and web recommendation to support customer engagement and lead nurturing. Using marketing automation can help you build the customer base your business needs to thrive.

Influencer Marketing

In days past, many customers relied on the store to make them feel secure in their purchases. Whether it was learning about the new technology out or relying on dinner recommendations, many customers turned to the friendly staff at their favorite stores. But with the introduction of social media and online customer reviews, there is now another source telling your customers where to go and what to buy. Influencer marketing is a big way to market your business perfectly. Using social media and influencer marketing, your company can connect with your consumers directly, on a large scale, and the use of organic searches to find new audiences.

Social Media Marketing

As in past years, social media marketing is also expected to see a rise in 2017. Social media networks are extremely important in building your customer base. But there is expected to be certain networks with a rise in power over others. While Twitter and Facebook’s marketing power seem to have declined, or at least hit a plateau, other social media networks like Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram are on the rise. However, this does not mean Facebook is out of the running for businesses just yet as they continue innovating targeting and re-marketing options throughout the network.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is perhaps on to the most important marketing trend of 2017. With Google’s recent announcements about mobile indexing and accelerated mobile pages (AMP), SEO will be essential for your marketing in 2017. From SEO writing to AMP, 2017 will be a big year for improving your website’s SEO strategies.

Video and Live Streaming

Using video and live streaming is also a big trend for 2017. From YouTube to Snapchat to Facebook Live, video and live streaming services can help you market your business to a larger audience. Live streaming will allow you to reach your customers in real time while showing off your products, services, or facility.

There are many different marketing trends on tap for 2017. So why not use these trends to your advantage and call Red Dog to help with your marketing today?