Have you noticed anything different about this election? You may have seen the increased presence candidates have on social media. Or, maybe you saw those videos in the Snapchat stories telling you to vote? Or, maybe you’ve noticed numerous celebrities including a “how to vote” link in their posts? Whatever it is one thing can’t be denied and that’s the fact that the candidates, politics, and plenty of opinions are all over social media.

Huge Opportunity…Huge

Over 84 million people watched the first Presidential Debate in September. Many of these viewers were also live tweeting and posting using the hashtags #Debates and #Debate2016. If you were looking to get your name out to the masses, using these hashtags appropriately during a debate would definitely help.

A client of ours like, Slices Pizzeria in Bel Air, MD could take advantage the day of the debate with a post like this:
The #debate rages on: Which topping is best? You be the judge: buy any two topping pizza tonight and receive a second free!

Even if you weren’t paying attention to the election earlier in the year, it’s almost impossible to ignore all the posts, tweets and snapchats in your feeds now. Celebrities tell you to vote. Businesses tell you to vote. Your dad tells you to vote. Your friendly neighborhood campaign volunteer tries to register you to vote at the grocery store. Well, guess what? You should jump on the bandwagon too!

Give your followers reasons to vote (while also promoting your business). Here are a few you could use.

Why should you vote?

  • Because every vote REALLY does matter
    Only 113,000 votes separated Kennedy and Nixon out of the 68 million ballots cast. That’s less than the population of Fargo, North Dakota.
  • Because America is a democracy
    If you are eligible to vote, you were lucky enough to be born in a country that values your voice. Use it!
  • Because all your friends will be talking about it on November 9th
    If you didn’t vote, you can’t complain to your friends on social media about who won the election. Talk about a major bummer. Get out there on Tuesday, November 8th and vote!
  • Because it’s another part of adulting
    Paying bills, grocery shopping, returning mom’s phone calls and voting. All are required to succeed in being a real life adult.
  • Because FLORIDA.
    Need we say more?

The messages are everywhere and despite your best efforts, you can no longer ignore them. When it comes to reaching the masses, social media excels in spreading a particular message until it catches like wild fire.

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