The NFL started its regular season this weekend so obviously we here at Red Dog had to write about it. Why? Because football is in our name! “Red Dog” in the football vernacular means a blitz. And also because we wanted to dispense some wisdom to the players on how to stay out of trouble on social media this season.

Unfortunately, there are too many ways an NFL player can get into trouble during the season. Alcohol. Drugs. Partying. Football deflating…

We know injuries can’t be controlled, but extracurricular activities and social media can. So listen up NFL players. We don’t want you to get suspended. We don’t want your championship dreams dashed. And most of all, we don’t want our fantasy teams sabotaged.

Here are some tips of how the players can stay out of trouble this season:

  • Think twice before you click “My Story”
    A good rule of thumb for Snapchat stories: if you wouldn’t want your grandma to see it, don’t share it. Whether it be a video or a picture, know WHO and WHAT are in the background. Also, no one buys the “I got hacked” excuse anymore guys.
  • Take a breath before sending that Tweet
    Listen, we get it. That WAS a catch, the Refs WERE wrong and you SHOULD have won the game. Fans can voice those opinions on social media until their fingers hurt, but you can’t. So before sending that tweet criticizing the refs and telling them where they can go, just wait. The fans will do it for you and it’ll save you some money and possibly a suspension.
  • Postpone the partying until the off season
    We know it’s tempting. Florida, California, off weeks—there are always tempting opportunities to hit up that new club during the season. Don’t! You know TMZ will be there and they will film everything! (We’re looking at you Johnny) That one night may be fun, but it’s not worth losing thousands of dollars over by getting suspended.

For all the NFL players reading this blog (we can dream right?), we hope these tips will help you get through this season unscathed. We’re looking out for you here at Red Dog. But mostly we have too much money riding on our fantasy teams to risk you getting suspended.