Tips for Building Your Customer Base

If you have been on social media last week, you may have noticed that some company’s social media are making the news for the way they are handling their social media and customer relationships. From Wendy’s sass and use of memes to the daily posts and videos from Starbucks, there are many different ways a company can build their customer relationships through social media. If you are looking to build your customer relationships and get your customers to know and trust your brand, take a look at some of our favorite tips below.

Remember to Be Human

One of the things many customers do not like about companies is their tendency to come off as heartless machines. But one of the best things about social media is the ability you have to humanize your company and to show off your personality. Posting photos of your employees, work, or products will allow customers to see who you really are and not just your professional brand. Tweeting in a humorous tone, snapping your staff in action on Snapchat, or engaging people on Facebook can help your customers feel connected to your business.

Keep Response Times Low

Did you notice that most Facebook business pages have an average response time listed? Keeping this time low to respond to comments on social media can help you build positive customer relationships. Responding quickly can create a better experience for the customer and help resolve problems quickly.

Being Kind Can Impact Your Business

A little act of kindness can go a long way in life as well as in business. One of the classic examples of companies going above and beyond is the example of JetBlue throwing someone a “welcome parade” after a customer jokingly tweeted it out. Not only is this fun for your staff to participate in, it can also help build a customer following and show customers how much you really care.

Focus on One-On-One Conversations

While many people think of social media as a way to broadcast their message to the masses, social media can also be used to have one-on-one conversations as well. One-on-one conversations will help you build relationships with individuals. With these conversations, you will be able to ask customers what you could be doing differently or find out their opinions on your latest products. This tactic is particularly effective when you are just starting out and can help you build momentum and gain loyal customers and followers.

Although not every business can hire someone to do their marketing in-house, it is important that every business engages on social media. For more information on our social media marketing services, call Red Dog today!