How to Attract People to Your Live Streaming Event

You have worked hard on your upcoming event and want to share it with your customers, clients, and friends. Naturally, you want to promote your live streaming event on social media but that could mean spending more money than you intend. So, how can you draw a crowd without spending a dime for your event?

Start Early

When deciding to host a live streaming event, it is important to give your audience enough time to plan. While sending out notifications on the day of sets as a reminder, letting people know of your event days or even a week or two before the event allows them to plan accordingly. Of course, announcing an event too far into the future makes it easy for your followers to forget. Depending on the length of your streaming event and the amount of time commitment you’re asking for, giving your audience a week to a month in advance is perfect. Follow-up notices should go out as the date approaches. Although, you should have a social media presence long before the event enters the planning stages. Building up recognition and your live streaming event could be a success.

Find the Right Platform

There are many different live streaming services you can use for your event. But before choosing the platform for your event, you should find out where the people who would be interested in watching are viewing other videos. Look for a social media community where the platforms support the interests of your business. If your audience is mainly on Facebook, try the Facebook Live feature. Or choose the Twitter Live if the bulk of your followers are on there.

Know Your Time Zone

Remember that the world is round and time zones are a thing. If your event is scheduled for 6 PM EST, remember that there are other time zones in the US and other zones around the world. You should know where your audience mostly lives and schedule the event so everyone can participate.

Don’t Cause Information Overload

As the day of the event approaches, you should roll out information gradually. Rolling out information won’t cause information overload in your viewers and increase the interest in your stream. For those who have been following along, it will boost interest in seeing your event and production.

These are just some of the things you should consider when promoting your live streaming event on social media. For more information on promoting your event and getting more social media followers, call Red Dog today!

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