In today’s fast-paced and technologically advanced world, many people prefer to watch a video rather than read materials that describe a product or service. In fact, more than a third of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching an online video. Taking advantage of this fact is a creative way to enhance the user experience and increase sales for your business. Other reasons to invest in video marketing for your business include the following:

  • Video marketing is an important tool if you want your marketing to be effective and competitive. More than 80 percent of senior marketing executives use video marketing to promote their businesses. If your competitors have advertising that is more palatable to the average customer, it behooves you and your company to invest in video. You’ll find that in doing so you will gain an edge on the competition and sales will increase.
  • When you (or anyone) searches for a topic on Google, almost three-fourths of the top 100 results are usually online videos. Many Americans stay constantly connected with the help of their mobile phones, and watching an online video is a quick way to digest information about a product or service; this type of messaging prevents the consumer from having to squint to read written words. These videos are also easily shared via text messaging, emails, and social media. Although an individual may engage with an advertisement for only a few seconds, that bit of time is all that is necessary to convey a lot of historical, emotional or informative data.
  • Today’s advanced apps and social media makes it simple for viewers to share interesting videos with their friends and loved ones. This sharing ability can rapidly grow your viewership. Consider how many times you have seen an intriguing new product or service advertised in an online video. If you are like most Americans, you instantly shared the video so that your friends and family could also view it.
  • Search engines consider videos to be a key factor when they rank sites. The use of online video is a smart way to increase your website’s SEO rankings and get your business in front of more consumers. Many people search for a product or service and then browse through only the first two or three pages of results before stopping. If your website is high ranking, this alone can produce additional sales for your business.

A few of the reasons that small- to medium-sized businesses fail in the first few years include heavy competition, neglecting the potential of online customers, failing to keep up with trends and stale marketing strategies. You and your team may be leery of investing time and money in video marketing if you don’t understand the complexities.

Our team of experts can help you fill in the blanks in your business marketing plan. You can relax while we take care of the scripting and editing of your online video. Our creative staff knows how to showcase your products and services so that consumers crave them. We are skilled in all aspects of video production.